These are some of the more common questions I get as a therapist. Keep in mind this is all very general, and doesn’t apply to every injury. You should always listen to a health care professional.

Ice or Heat?


How soon should I go to the doctor or to a therapist?

Getting in for an initial visit within 2-3 days after your injury can be very helpful.  A therapist can help you understand your injury, what phase you’re in and give you some exercises to help it heal without aggravating it further.

Some insurance companies need a doctor’s note to cover rehabilitation, they are also the ones that can order more tests if you need an x-ray, MRI, CT, etc.


How long will it take to heal?

Unfortunately, we can’t always answer this one.  Sometimes people will come in with a 5 year old injury and expect to feel better when they leave.

Healing depends on:

The simple rule: the longer you wait to properly manage an injury, the longer it will take to heal.


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