Initial Consultation

What to Expect

Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to fill out a brief intake form for your therapist if it’s your first time to the clinic.  You can also print and fill out the Intake Form now and bring it with you.

**Please note inMotion does not deal with WCB/Worksafe claims**

Assessment: During your first visit, an Athletic Therapist will do an overall assessment of your body, not just focusing on the injured area. This is because the body is so interconnected that sometimes an injury is a result of a problem elsewhere in the body.


Depending on your injury or goals your Athletic Therapist may do some massage, stretching, ultrasound or other forms of treatment.

Patient Information/Home Program

Your therapist will give you instructions on how your injury occurred, how to manage it, and how to prevent it from recurring. You will likely have stretches or strengthening exercises to do at home until your next visit.

Your therapist will help you decide when it’s necessary for you to follow up and how long your next appointment will need to be.

What to Bring

Wear something comfortable that you can move around in. Bring a tank top and/or shorts so your therapist can examine the area thoroughly.

If you have had X-ray’s or other imaging please ask your doctor for a copy.

We do not bill ICBC, WCB or third party insurance directly; you will have to pay up front and will be given a receipt to submit.

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