What is inMotion?

inMotion is a private Athletic Therapy clinic based out of Brentwood Bay, BC that serves the Peninsula, Greater Victoria area, and the Western Communities.
Ashley Nelson Athletic Therapist
Ashley Nelson
Athletic Therapist
Reg. Kinesiologist
Concussion Management Practitioner

Born and raised in Brentwood Bay, I played competitive fastball as a pitcher until 2010.  I also played volleyball and basketball in high school and injured myself repeatedly. When I sprained my ankle badly a week before our championship game and my therapist got me back in time to play, I realized I wanted to be able to help other people get back to doing what they love.

I graduated from Camosun College with a degree in Athletic and Exercise Therapy then certified with the Canadian Athletic Therapists Association. I also registered as a Kinesiologist shortly after that.

I have worked with various sports over the years, including: hockey, soccer, field lacrosse, box lacrosse, and figure skating. Through these sports I developed a special interest in concussions and have taken continuing education courses in concussion management, visual, and vestibular rehabilitation.

BC Hockey
Peninsula CrossFit
Pacific Coast Hockey Academy

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ICBC Rehabilitation Programs

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The ability to accurately assess injuries, no matter how long they’ve been bothering you is key to treating them effectively.


    • History
    • Assessment – muscle balance and symmetry
    • Manual Treatment (including )
    • Home Program with Corrective Exercises


Although we can’t prevent concussions, we can baseline test athletes in order to ensure they’re back to their baseline before they return to play. We can also help you to safely manage concussions for a speedy recovery


    • Neurocognitive Testing (Online)
    • Balance & Saccade Testing
    • Concussion Education
    • Concussion Management


Whether you are recovering from an injury or starting to exercise for the first time, this program is for you! Great for people with chronic low back pain as well.


    • 8 Sessions
    • Assessment – muscle balance & symmetry
    • Safe & Effective Exercises
    • Catered to your Fitness Level & Goals


Here are some frequently asked questions about Athletic Therapy.
If you want more information feel free to check out these sites:


Canadian Athletic Therapists Association (CATA)

Athletic Therapists Association of BC (ATABC)

British Columbia Association of Kinesiologists (BCAK)

Certified Athletic Therapists specialize in assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries (muscles, bones, joints).  They use a wide range of active rehabilitation techniques to promote healing and prevent or correct any long term problems that result from the injury. Treatment techniques are based on the sports medicine model of rehabilitation. Athletic Therapists will also educate patients on exercise, reconditioning, and awareness of how to prevent re-injury in order to get you back to where you were before you were injured.

Kinesiologists are human movement specialists who evaluate physical activity-related matters and recommend solutions in health, exercise, sport, industry, business, education, rehabilitation and social settings. Kinesiologists design and implement exercise programs related to human performance, ergonomics, occupational health and safety and lifestyle management.

This definition reflects the idea of kinesiology not just as rehabilitative, but preventative and promoting general wellness. Some areas of kinesiology practice include:

  • Injury Rehabilitation
  • Pain and Chronic Disease Management
  • Ergonomics

Kinesiology places a strong emphasis on prevention and enhancement, and utilizes exercise and improved movement to achieve a better quality of life for individuals.

Athletic Therapy is a four year bachelors degree focused entirely on musculoskeletal injuries, whereas Physiotherapy is a two year master’s program that branches out and covers cardiovascular, neurological and various other conditions as well. Click here to see Saskatchewan Athletic Therapy’s paper outlining the differences between Athletic Therapy and Physio.

Anyone with a musculoskeletal injury can see an Athletic Therapist, whether it’s acute (just happened) or chronic (has been going on for a while).  Injuries can come from sports, recreational activities, accidents, work or activities of daily living.

The Athletic Therapy Association of BC has an outline of all the companies that cover Athletic Therapy, but be sure to check your own personal plan first. They also have forms that you can fill out and send to your insurance company or human resources director to apply for coverage.

Request Coverage From Your Employer (PDF)
Request coverage From Your 3rd Party Insurance Company (PDF)

Were you hurt playing an organized sport? Recreational sports have insurance coverage for injuries. You could be covered through the association you were playing with such as Hockey Canada, BC Lacrosse or the National Slo Pitch Association. If you paid to play on the team, it likely has insurance.

If you are not covered by your association, the Canadian Athlete Insurance Program offers insurance to anyone who plays an organized sport. You can learn more through this link.

Canadian Athlete Insurance Program

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